Boldly is a journal of strange internet phenomena, a collection of extraordinary stories from the deep rabbit holes of online communities and their impact on popular culture.

Boldly is dedicated to internet counterculture and the impact it makes online & offline. The website features regular, short-form content designed to provide opinion and context to extraordinary stories. The content style varies from short-form index articles and multimedia to longer blogs. An ongoing aim of for the site is to innovate and experiment with alternative and non-traditional story content & formats including illustration & video. 


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Editorial charter

  • Be Bold: The number one rule of Boldly is to always confidently move forward with subjects, and not buy into the ego or social taboo of the topics we discuss. Bolstered by truth without fear or favour.
  • Boldly has no affiliation with any political movement, government entity, social or religious ideology. We do, however reject political correctness and support freedom of speech at the core of our values.
  • Where appropriate, stories are presented in a visual format often with breakouts, embeds and links.
  • An open platform. While the site is primarily edited centrally, it is open to contribution. This may take form as the site evolves.
  • Experimental. This site is a place for trying new and different ways of communicating information.

Fuelled by your support 

Boldly is fuelled by the search for rational, considered truth and the support of our audience. We publish our content for free so we appreciate any support, which might be as simple as sharing our content if you like our work. We will continually investigate ways which we can support the growth of this website beyond a basic news blog.



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