An ‘insider’ has revealed the backstory behind this photograph which was allegedly used as part of a scheme to raise between $50,000 and $70,000 for Emery Smith, who it was claimed was the victim of a deep state attack by men in black. Yes, you read that right.

On December 29, 2017, David Wilcock, a controversial speaker and author in the new age and UFOlogy field posted what would end up being a 7000-word blog post which would generate almost 6 million views, detailing an amazing story of shadowy deep state operatives who were deviously trying to take out Smith and even kidnapped his dog.

So what was the motive?

Well, according to Wilcock, Smith was a former black-ops program insider who also worked in secret biological facilities deep under the New Mexico desert and had personally autopsied about 3000 different types of humanoid extraterrestrials.

At the time, Wilcock was riding high with a hit TV show on the Gaia TV network, Cosmic Disclosure, and had introduced Smith to his audience alongside Corey Goode, who claims to be a 100+-year-old secret space program whistleblower.

The whole thing was just crazy. “Someone” obviously ordered this attack. That same “someone” is clearly trying to intimidate us into not speaking about the Secret Space Program … This is an act of total desperation. If the Deep State were smart, they would totally avoid targeting someone like this after they came out. By doing this attack, they are absolutely, 100 percent signaling that Emery is telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. That means that some aspect of the Deep State already has a program where even one employee, in only 3-4 years of time, can personally autopsy 3000 different ET bodies.

An excerpt from David Wilcock’s Divine Cosmos Blog

Wilcock continues the article with detailed explanations and plot lines that would easily be mistaken with pages from a 1950’s spy novel. He goes at great lengths to “prove” these stories with photographs of Smith recovering in hospital, documentation of the visit and screenshots from a Facebook group which located his missing dog, Raven.

But if that’s not true, then what really happened?

The insider claims Smith landed himself the hospital visit after a 5-day bender of “insane alcoholism and drug abuse” in which the former associate said he sat Smith down and advised if he keeps this up he’s “going to end up killing himself”.

But what about the dog, Raven?

As the insider describes it, Smith was “drunk again” and had let the dog out of his car at a park not far from his home in Palm Springs. He claims his wife was actually the one who then found the dog through the local Facebook group, which was the screenshot Wilcock had posted to his blog.

But all of this is just one anecdote covered in the insider’s first video posted to his Points on the Curve YouTube channel which essentially debunks most of Wilcock’s 7000 words on his blog post, including tales of Smith when Wilcock was referring to him as an unmasked source named ‘Paul’ who had similar run-ins with the deep state including the killing of another of his dogs, crashing his car and even breaking into his home and leaving a solitary armour-piercing bullet on his counter as a warning.

All of these stories the insider puts down to Smith being on a drunken bender and the creativity of Wilcock’s imagination. More videos have since been uploaded to the channel, continuing to expose the secrets and dirty tricks behind Smith’s alleged shenanigans. You can watch the first video below, which breaks down the stories raised in this article in greater detail.

If tens of thousands of dollars were deviously raised from well-meaning fans by creatively spinning stories of your colleague’s drunken exploits into a plot by the evil Cabal to bring down the ‘Good Guys’, then surely it would have to go down in the hall of hame of internet grifting.

They say you can’t make this stuff up… but apparently Wilcock can.

Daniel James
Authored by Daniel James

Daniel is a Melbourne-based multimedia journalist with international experience as an editor, producer, designer and artist at some of Australasia’s biggest newsrooms. A longtime commentator and reporter on internet culture, he now journals his observations on digital life and counterculture for Boldly.

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