Almost 20,000 viewers watched live as social media star Desmond “Etika” Amofah was taken into custody by Brooklyn Police this afternoon after allegedly threatening to harm himself and others on social media.

It’s just the latest development in a series of events that surround the streamer, who has become increasingly erratic on his social media accounts.

During the 45 minute stream, which led to Etika trending worldwide on Twitter, he filmed himself and the growing crowd outside his apartment as a number of police cars filled the street as officers taped off a perimeter around the scene.

Etika can be heard on the stream talking to the officers, saying he did not wish to let them in, and they could check his live stream out on Instagram if they wanted to see how he was.

An officer armed with a riot shield eventually burst through the door and police took him into custody.

Etika built a following over the years as a reaction commentator and by streaming games, particularly Nintendo games. In October last year, he uploaded pornography to his YouTube channel, which apparently resulted in its deletion.

Since then the star has increasingly worried fans with risky and unpredictable behaviour.

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