You may have heard that YouTube’s 2017 poster boy Logan Paul has come out as a ‘Flat Earther’.

Late last year, Paul drew the attention of the internet when he was a keynote speaker at an international conference for Flat Earth believers.

In case you were unaware, the Flat Earth movement is a stunning example of the worst of what the information revolution has to offer by having people for the first time being able to endlessly surf the internet for ‘truth’.

And when you get enough people speaking from the same page on conspiracy subjects you get a phenomenon like people who believe the earth is, in fact, flat.

After much controversy last year, Logan appears to have embraced the flat earth movement and is releasing a ‘documentary’ on the subject.

He has titled the film: Flat Earth: To The Edge And Back and advised his viewers it will be available on March 20. You can watch the trailer below if you’re ready to have your Globe Earther views shook!

Daniel James
Authored by Daniel James

Daniel is a Melbourne-based multimedia journalist with international experience as an editor, producer, designer and artist at some of Australasia’s biggest newsrooms. A longtime commentator and reporter on internet culture, he now journals his observations on digital life and counterculture for Boldly.

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