An industrial Engineer has discovered a vulnerability with YouTube’s code that enables users to reduce video likes down to zero and YouTube is ignoring the issue.

Kevin, a YouTuber with close to 2000 subscribers has spent months discovered the exploit which enables a user to manipulate the number of likes on a video.

The hack is done by altering the code in such a manner that Kevin, who describes his technical skills as advanced but not elite in this area, told me. He says a “15-year-old with some interest (in coding) could pull this off quite easily”.

He said that the process of stripping likes and manipulating the algorithm could be done easier at scale with a simple web macro and more bandwidth, but advised he hasn’t got an interest in participating in that beyond proving the vulnerability.

In a YouTube video published by BowBlax highlighting the situation, Kevin shows he has alerted YouTube to the issue only to receive an email back advising him that they weren’t going to look into it. The email read:

This vulnerability may explain why other YouTubers have noticed their likes going down over recent weeks.

For more detail, watch BowBlax’s video:

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